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For staff and patient safety, we ask that if you are able to call ahead to complete screening and book an appointment.


Argyle Site:705-757-1717 • Britt Site:705-383-2375 • Moose Deer Point Site:705-375-9900

Rosseau Site:705-732-1095 • Pointe au Baril Site: 705-366-2376 • Whitestone Site: 705-389-1951


Changes to our services. COVID-19 Notice 

Dear West Parry Sound Health Centre Rural Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic (WPSHC Rural NPLC) patients and valued external stakeholders,

In these challenging times, we would like to assure that your health and safety, as well as that of our healthcare providers and staff remain our top priority. WPSHC Rural NPLC management team are continuously monitoring and responding to Public Health and Ministry of Health directions related to COVID-19 pandemic.

Health and Safety

As part of our COVID-19 response plan, we are implementing the following measures at each of our NPLC Sites (Argyle, Whitestone, Rosseau, Moose Deer Point, Pointe au Baril, and Britt):

  • Screening- all patients, guests, and support persons will be screened before entering the clinic. You will not be able to enter if you’ve travelled outside Canada in the past 14 days or had exposure to anyone positive for COVID-19. You will be required to use hand sanitizer provided and then put on a provided mask.
  • Booking for an appointment- we are booking appointments for both urgent and non-urgent needs through either telephone/virtual or in-person as needed.

    If you are sick or have an urgent request, please call your NPLC Site. As always, we are able to see patients who are not registered to our Nurse Practitioners for episodic care only. Each patient will receive phone screening before booking their appointment. Patients wishing to book an appointment will be asked to provide:
  1. Most Responsible Care Provider;
  2. Email address (if available);
  3. Telephone number;
  4. Internet and telephone connectivity in their place of residence; and
  5. Chief complaint for visit.

    An NPLC Site staff member will call the patient with an appointment time (e.g., in-person, telephone, virtual care), be directed to a telephone consult line for COVID-19, or be directed to nearest COVID-19 assessment centre based on the Nurse Practitioner’s assessment of telephone screening, nature of chief complaint, and patient/clinic connectivity. Our aim is to contact patients between 48 and 72 business hrs after initial phone call to book appointment. If the patient deteriorates or becomes critically ill they are advised to seek emergency care or contact the NPLC Site again.

    For staff and patient safety, we ask that if you call ahead to complete screening and book an appointment.
  • Medication renewal: If you need a renewal of medication, please contact your pharmacy and your pharmacist will forward your request to us.
  • Medication pick-up: Please call ahead before picking up medications (only available at some sites). You will be subject to telephone screening, and in-person screening. If you’ve travelled outside Canada in the past 14 days or had exposure to anyone positive for COVID-19, or are pending COVID-19 test results, please DO NOT pick-up medication. Please arrange for somebody to pick it up.
  • Cleaning: The WPSHC Rural NPLC has implemented more frequent and enhanced disinfectant cleaning. Everybody entering the building will be asked to use the hand sanitizers provided and wear a provided mask.
  • Social distancing: We have arranged our clinic waiting rooms to enhance social distancing, including reducing the number of people in waiting area at one time. Please sit at least 1-2 metres from others. We will not be shaking hands and we will be keeping at least 1-2 meters distance other than necessary physical exams.

    Patient Care
  • Our clinic providers are ready to provide telephone and virtual consultations where effective as of Wednesday March 25th 2020 for your healthcare needs during COVID-19 pandemic.This service is also suited for those wishing for some social distancing and preferring to stay at home during current pandemic.
  • If and only if your appointment type is suitable for telephone consultation, we will provide you the time and date that your provider is ready to call you.
  • We recognize that connectivity is an issue for many in the areas we service and are working on solutions. In the meantime, please call us to book an appointment if needed and we will work to serve you.
  • Social Workers will be providing your booked appointments either via telephone/virtually or in person as needed.
  • Physiotherapy appointments have resumed.
  • People > 60 years of age
  • People with cardiovascular disease, chronic lung disease, cerebrovascular disease (e.g. previous stroke), hypertension, diabetes, cancer, immunosuppression, current smoking

We are grateful for your patience and understanding of these precautions

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We CARE for People.

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